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Three Basic Types of Commercial Laundry Insurance

The commercial laundry industry has unique and specialized risks that require customized insurance plans in order to provide adequate coverage. From dry cleaners insurance to uniform rental insurance, there are a few different types of policies that benefit the different branches of the industry. Finding the right one for your business requires you to understand each type and what they cover.  

Uniform Rental Insurance

  Small businesses that specialize in the rental of uniforms need this coverage in order to protect against the loss and damage that can occur due to the day-to-day use of their assets. These companies are in the business of lending out different clothing items to other companies for their employees to use. Without specialized coverage, each and every damaged piece of clothing can create a big cost.  

Dry Cleaners Insurance

  A dry cleaning facility has many specialized machines and employees who are at a higher risk for injury. Insurance specifically for dry cleaners provides protection for the unique needs of these businesses.  

Linen Supply Companies Insurance

  Most linen supply companies take in soiled linens for laundering and supply their clients with cleaned and pressed items. Coverage for these businesses’ delivery trucks is necessary to protect against the risk that comes with driving commercial vehicles.   Whether you need coverage for your dry cleaning business or uniform rental insurance, you should invest in the right policy for your company’s needs.