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Three Business Insurance Policies You Probably Need

As you run your business, it is difficult to know when a damaging or emergency situation could occur that has the potential to financially harm your operations. To protect your company's best financial and legal interests, you should consider working with your Connecticut insurance company to acquire three types of coverage.
  1. Commercial Auto - Just like you insure your personal vehicles, you should also insure the vehicles that your company uses to run its operations. A commercial auto policy will make sure that you are not held completely financially responsible if one of your employees was ever involved in an accident.
  2. General Liability - A general liability policy can protect your business against a variety of different situations. For example, if your business' property was burglarized and extensively damaged during the middle of the night, your general liability policy may kick in and take care of the associated expenses.
  3. Workers' Compensation - In many situations, your company is required by law to hold a workers' compensation policy. This form of insurance provides your employees with certain benefits if they were ever to become injured while performing their duties.
However, these are just a few of the policies your business needs in order to maintain its best interests. If you want to know more about which forms of insurance coverage your business needs, you may want to reach out to your Connecticut insurance company.