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Three Lesser-Known Benefits of Home Insurance

Home insurance in CT plays an important part in protecting your family from a financial crisis. In the event of a natural disaster, home insurance allows you to pick up the pieces and move on. However, there may be some benefits of your insurance policy that you aren't familiar with.

Buried Benefits

Some lesser-known advantages of holding a home insurance policy include:
  1. Protection from losses due to pet bites: Your policy may offer dog-bite protection under its standard liability coverage. The average dog bite claim is about $26,000, so it's important to know whether or not your policy offers you protection.
  2. Coverage for damage caused by falling debris: If an intense hail storm sends baseball-sized pieces of hail through your roof and windows, your insurance policy may cover it. Fixing a roof is costly, so the added protection is a huge plus.
  3. Protection from damage due to power outages: If you happen to lose power for an extended period of time and have to restock your refrigerator because all of your food spoiled, your insurance policy may cover your restocking cost.

Learn About Your Policy

The lesser-known benefits of home insurance policies only apply to homeowners who have insurance. If you're still looking for home insurance in CT, don't wait any longer. Find an exceptional agency and ask them about their policies.