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Two Reasons to Consider No-Fault Car Insurance Coverage

Many people fail to add no-fault coverage to their Putnam Connecticut auto insurance policies because they think they are unlikely to cause an accident. However, no-fault coverage offers other benefits, even during an accident when the insured driver is not at fault. The following two advantages make no-fault coverage worth considering even for the most experienced, conscientious drivers.   1. Faster Claims Processing   Drivers who are injured in an accident and have no-fault coverage can quickly collect a settlement instead of paying out-of-pocket medical costs and waiting for a claim decision. If the other driver was at fault, a driver with no-fault coverage will not have to fight for compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Instead, the driver’s own insurance company will cover medical costs and pursues compensation from the other insurer later.   2. Guaranteed Adequate Coverage   No-fault coverage allows drivers to decide what level of coverage they want for medical expenses. Drivers can pick an amount they are comfortable with and be confident they will receive that amount, instead of being limited to amounts specified by the other driver’s policy or state insurance laws.  

Additional Considerations

  There are alternative types of coverage that drivers can add to their Putnam Connecticut auto insurance policies to enjoy protection similar to what no-fault coverage offers. For instance, regardless of fault, medical payments coverage pays for medical costs. However, compared to most other options, no-fault coverage offers the broadest protection against injuries sustained in any kind of car accident.