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What Type of Insurance Does Your Staffing Agency Need?

For a temporary staffing insurance plan to be truly effective, it must contain comprehensive coverage. Such coverage should be applicable to a number of different circumstances. This is especially important for staffing agencies, many of which face unique challenges not found in other industries.  

Plans Custom-Tailored to Your Company

  To fully customize a temporary staffing insurance plan, one must choose a number of different policies to ensure all insurance needs are met. These policies should include protections for a variety of circumstances, from theft to worker’s compensation procedures.   In addition to more general policies, staffing agencies should also consider implementing specialized plans. These can include:  
  • Employment Practices Liability – These plans offer coverage for things like on-the-job harassment and discrimination. Because discrimination suits can entail exorbitant amounts of money for legal proceedings, a trustworthy plan is essential.
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability – When a company utilizes vehicles that are not actually owned by the company itself, these policies protect against financial loss incurred by auto accidents and other sources of property damage.
  • Fiduciary Liability – For companies offering employee benefits plans, a fiduciary liability policy affords coverage in the event of improper investing procedures or other fiduciary issues.

The Right Insurance Plan for Your Business

  When it comes to successfully running a staffing agency, insurance is a key part of the equation. By utilizing a combination of protections, staffing firms can rest assured that they will remain protected no matter what.