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What Types of Businesses Benefit From Directors Corporate Liability?

When you deal with clients in the corporate world, they may have very different needs than some of your other clients. Fortunately, there are insurance wholesalers who can help you design an insurance package that will be specifically made for each client you are dealing with. Directors corporate liability can be tailor-made so that your clients have protection for their specific needs. The following are a few of the corporations that can benefit from this type of insurance through a wholesaler:  
  • Credit Unions
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Non-profits
  • Privately held companies
  • Publicly traded corporations
  Within each of those businesses, there are various coverage types, with each one aimed at specific needs of each corporation. One aspect typically insures the directors themselves, in addition to the officers and personal assets. Another aspect typically insures the company when officers and directors are indemnified in a claim. A final aspect insures the company when it becomes a defendant.   As an insurance agent, your clients who are directors of corporations look to you to provide them with the protection they need for various, specific aspects of business. Whether your clients run non-profits, privately held companies, or if you have clients from a variety of corporations, let a wholesaler put together a directors corporate liability package that will benefit their company the very most. Contact an insurance wholesaler today for more information.