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What You Need To Know About USLH Insurance

What You Need To Know About USLH Insurance
Taking out the right insurance plan can make all the difference when it comes to the long-term success of your business. Every industry has unique risks, which means you want to make sure your insurance package is tailored to the specifics of your field. If your business involves vessels that operate on navigable waters, you definitely need to understand United States Longshore & Harbor coverage and how it compares to a traditional package for Workers’ Compensation.

The Basics of USL&H

Understanding how USL&H insurance works are quite simple. Essentially, workers who are on boats and other large sea-faring vessels on navigable waters are in a unique position when it comes to insurance. Being both at sea and possibly away from the shores of the country where the business is based creates obstacles. United States Longshore & Harbor coverage tackles this problem by providing ample coverage for all workers who are at sea. Opting for this type of coverage is not only helpful for your business, it also is required for certain businesses. Additional points to consider include:

Properly Protect Your Employees

To properly protect your business from the risks of your industry, you need insurance that can rise to the challenge. Look into how United States Longshore & Harbor coverage works and determine if it is needed for your business.