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What You Need To Know Before Selling Your House Without a Realtor

What You Need To Know Before Selling Your House Without a Realtor

Have you been thinking about selling your home off market? If you’re eager to sell your house but you want to go it alone, there are a few things you should know. Here’s how you can successfully navigate the home selling process without a realtor.

Strategically Stage Your Home Prior to Showings

The right house staging can make your home appear more attractive and cozy to potential buyers. Before you hold an open house, make sure you:

  • Have the yard landscaped, mow the lawn, clear out yard waste and fix any broken fences
  • Consider repainting or power-washing the exterior of your house
  • Deep-clean the inside of your home and rearrange the furniture if necessary
  • Ensure you have good lighting inside the house

Set a Realistic Price by Using Neighborhood Comparison Tools

Unfortunately, many independent home sellers may make the sales process more difficult by setting too high a price tag for their house. Realistic pricing can help your home get off the market faster. Make the right value assessment by taking into account:

  • Recent resale values of other homes in your neighborhood
  • Average prices for homes with similar ages, square footages and lot sizes
  • Estimated value based on the current buyer’s or seller’s market

Before you settle on selling your home off market and proceeding without a realtor, it’s important to be prepared. Follow these rules of thumb to successfully sell your home yourself.