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Why Buy Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O), Logistics Professionals?

You need errors and omissions insurance (E&O), logistics professionals! Mistakes happen, that is just natural when you work with other human beings. Smart companies plan for those mistakes by making sure they carry enough insurance to prevent a lawsuit. Time and money spent in court is time and money that should be going towards growing your business. Eliminate the risk; get E&O, logistics professionals.   The transportation industry today faces constantly changing rules and regulations, and the threat of litigation is apparent at every turn. More and more lawsuits are resulting in settlements and awards, which makes them much more attractive to future dissatisfied customers. When their shipment gets lost in transit, why shouldn’t they take you to court? Their neighbor’s friend’s brother just did the same thing and got a huge settlement. Maybe they should try it.   Errors and Omissions insurance will protect you. It will give you a legal defense and a settlement, if awarded, in the unhappy event that a customer decides to file a claim against your company. If they can prove they suffered damages as a result of your services, they have a claim. They could come after you for improper charge quotes, misdirected goods, unauthorized release of goods, failure to insure cargo, to name a few. Protect yourself. Buy E&O logistics professionals; buy it today!