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Why We Need Food Truck Parks

Why We Need Food Truck Parks
Food truck parks are all the rage in some places. These social microcosms are beginning to take on a life of their own. From big cities to small cities, groups of trucks band together to bring together bands of people to experience life in new and exciting ways, through the art of food. The opportunities often far outweigh the liabilities of food trucks for many operators, when it comes to deciding if securing space in a food truck park is a viable option.

Food Truck Park Appeal

Some food trucks develop an almost cult-like following with their tasty, local cuisines. Bring a few of these trucks and their loyal followers together in one space, add some entertainment, sports, or play and you’ve got a spot that people just don’t want to leave. This kind of community is appealing.

Diversity on Steroids

Food truck parks attract many different types of food trucks offering varieties of multi-cultural cuisines. This attracts not only people from the cuisine’s culture of origin, but others who wish to experience it. The synergy behind these gatherings creates a multi-cultural phenomenon in a relatively small local space. This level of diversity is good for everyone. Food truck parks offer the best of many worlds on a small, sustainable level. They bring together different cultures to experience delicious food, engaging activities, and each other. This lends credibility to the idea that when you feed people, you nourish community.