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Why You Need Renters Insurance

Why You Need Renters Insurance

Renting an apartment is a significantly smaller responsibility than owning a home, but you face the same risks when it comes to protecting your assets. In case of accidents, missteps, and those Florida hurricanes, your Orlando renters insurance can help you protect your current and future wealth.

Compensation For Damaged Belongings

Tropical storms, fires, and burglaries can happen without warning. Replacing your belongings can be costly, but with renters insurance, you are protected. Televisions, laptops, gaming systems, clothing - all of these things can be replaced easily without shelling out a dime (that is, beyond what you already pay for the policy).

Protection From Liability in Case of Injury

Accidents happen, and what often follows is a lawsuit. You might find yourself being taken to court if a visitor to your home:

  • Is bitten by your pet snake
  • Trips and falls down the stairs
  • Has an allergic reaction to a meal you served
  • Slips and breaks an arm while in the shower

If you are sued by your injured visitor, your policy can protect your assets from seizure.

Just because you aren't the legal owner of the house or apartment you are renting, doesn't mean you aren't responsible for whatever occurs inside. Renters insurance can help you replace or keep what you own, worry-free.